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The company has been offering repair services for systems & equipment covering a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from Machinery Controls to Weapon Control Systems, be it on surface, under water or in the air. The firm has completed satisfactory repairs of many a challenging tasks in the last decade of operations.
Over the years, the firm has come to be known as a die-hard company capable of fixing most complex systems without OEM support and as such the operations of the company have accordingly found slots in niche sectors such as Defence Avionics & Telecom, apart from the regular business sectors.
We are now a one-stop-shop for any services in RF & Microwave equipment of any make, a capability seldom found elsewhere.
Having been associated with repairs of vintage equipment, diversification into design & development was only inevitable.
During the course its operations, the firm has designed, developed, supplied & commissioned a number of compact systems and units for applications in ships, submarines, aircrafts and telecom equipment.
Many of these developments have been initiated by the firm and were not market-driven. It is a matter of pride for the firm that all the products developed so far are rendering good service.
Complete Test Facility exists for repairs & testing of 28 types of 3-Phase
Loco cards(WAG9 / WAP7 / WAP5).

Test Jigs have been duly approved by RDSO,Indian Railways.
We have developed Test Jigs for repair & testing of Raytheon Anschutz Digital Gyro, Std. 20M & Std. 22M, PCBs.
The company has been offering Hardware Repair Services to overseas clients, predominantly in the telecom sector as well as other sectors related to Traction, Industrial Electronics & Avionics.
The company executed an overseas business of close to half a million dollars in the year 2009-10.
Mumbai - ADP503 Dynamic Positioning System of Kongsberg, Simrad (in the past for INS Nireekshak)
Chennai - Air Surveillance Radar (ASR), Doppler VHF Omni Range (DVOR), Distance Measuring Equipment (DME), Commuted Aerial Direction Finder (CADF)
Kochi - Commuted Aerial Direction Finder (CADF), Non-Direction Beacon (NDB)
Goa- Sea Harrier Simulator (SHR), Instrument Landing System (ILS)
All over India:
a. Mobile Data Terminal for Commercial Taxis
b. Repair of electronic cards for Escalators and Elevators.
The firm has offered installation & commissioning services for system & equipment indigenously manufactured such as Static Frequency Converters for Ships & Submarines including a fitment in Russia.
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